What would happen to our government leaders in the Private Sector?

depositphotos_2440446-USA-Shaped-Flag What would happen to our government officials if they worked for the private sector and failed repeatedly to perform.  Would they get a long breaks like they get now?  If the sequestration go through does that mean that Congress will work less days a week to save money or will they be given the same salary?  I have a wild idea…………..Why don’t “We,  the People” fire all of them and make them join those long unemployment lines,  fight those Greedy Bailout Bankers to keep their 3 bedroom postage stamps, and let them and their families eat Ramen Noodles three times a week so they can have enough to pay off the enormous debt and payday loans they have heaped on us!

While I’m on a tear,  what ever happened to all those Giant American Companies that used to pay taxes in our cities when things were “MADE IN AMERICA”,  who filed Chapter 13 and went overseas and started companies in foreign countries making the EXACT SAME thing. Then shipping it back to our shores and selling it to now jobless Americans.   I can see that they are improving their bottom line,  but at the expense of our city, state, federal governments,  who has to pay for the insurance for the workers and his or her family.  The food stamps, the child’s education, social security, the freeway and other infrastructure that was used to get the workers to the now empty factories.   Not mention the stolen pensions,  the savings and loan collapses.

If a terrorist had left an economic bomb in Cleveland or Cincinnati like they one AMERICAN Companies left all over of country.  We would have run him to ground.   The only thing that these villains got was a tax break because they took their profits to an off shore account!

P.S. We can throw Obama out with all the rest,  and they can continue their argument on the curbside with their diplomas, Rolodex, and other supplies in  beer boxes!

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2 thoughts on “What would happen to our government leaders in the Private Sector?

    • Why isn’t the first thing we do to reduce spending isn’t to cut the fat? How much waste can be prevented by firing a group of do nothings? I reminds me of a cartoon that shows the snow dogs sitting on the sled while the driver pulls the it! If you are unwilling to do the work, then you should be fired.


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