The Real Begining of Everything!

If evolution is the truth, that would mean that the universe came from nothing and was acted upon by nothing and a random convergence created everything we know.  I went to school for 14+ years and learned that zero plus zero equals ZERO.  Big bang = 0  No creator = 0  Random creation=0    So the problem would be laid out this:  0+0+0 = 1 universe and all reality.  Hummmh……….I think that someone led me down the wrong path!  Fourteen plus years of unnecessary schooling!


2 thoughts on “The Real Begining of Everything!

  1. I had a friend who said he left college to pursue higher education.
    Currently in a protracted discussion with an atheist and seeker of truth. We have discussed many Bible principles and have agreed they are true and reliable. As the discussion has evolved we have reached the ultimate question about truth; Does God exist?


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