Washington is paying attention…But they just don’t care

Well, once again we have another crisis on the American shores.  The election of 2012 should have been a stark reminder to the leadership. That the American people are fed up with this internal bickering among the two prevalent parties, while our ship is burning in the middle of deep waters. Yes, our ship has a fire inside the cargo hold,  next to the primary hull.  If you don’t know what that means, I’m telling you that it is big trouble.  The fire is raging unchecked and our government “Captains” are having tea and debating who is on fire watch.  Most Americans will have to endure the political screw ups,  but the trouble will not effect the common politicians.  None of them will be kicked out of their homes, have their cars repossessed, go get turned down for food stamps because they have good work skills.  None of them will be in the mile long unemployment lines, or hock their wedding rings to pay the electric bill.  So, since they won’t have hardship dealt to them because of their inaction.  There is no need for them to care.  They say What are you going to do,  vote for someone else like me?  I double dare you!”

P.S.  “Yes we know that the ship is burning,  but we have just enough supplies for the crew (us) on the life boats.  Someone must get to shore and tell them where to recover the shipwreck.”



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