Catching up with an old friend

220px-2005_Dime_Rev_Unc_PDo you ever think of an old friend that has become part of the ages?  I woke this morning dreaming that I was hanging out with Carlton Mitchell.  He died when I was fifteen. I remember sitting on his porch listening to a funk group called Lakeside (Fantastic Voyage)  the night he died.  We were talking about what we planned to do for the coming summer.  It never even occurred to me that this would be the last time we would talk.  We had a running thing going, borrowing change from each other at lunch time for extra milk or cookies.  That night he was ahead by a dime.  Since it was a school night Mrs. Mitchell ran me off at nine o’clock that night.  I walked off in the direction of my house and then doubled back to his bedroom window when I was out of her sight. I gave our signature tap.  He came and opened the window and we finished our conversation quietly.  I told him that I would see him on the bus tomorrow,  he said ” Alright, catch you later man.”  Those words were the last I ever heard from him.  Carlton died of a brain aneurism while he slept.  He was sixteen and full of life.  Carlton was a man of his word,  it took him 36 years but I see he kept his word.  It made me wonder if we might continue to live in the dreams of others?


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