Where is the Fire?

solent greenThe_Matrix_soundtrack_cover

I began to wonder if it’s old age or just the general decay of society that has been really putting me on edge.  Everyday I see something going on in my tiny little world that steers us a bit more toward the jagged rocks on the shores of the Sea of Despair.  I once thought mankind might have a bright Star Trekkian type future.  Now, more and more I see a “Soylent Green”(circa 1973)  future. There is something very wrong with the way things are. I can’t put my finger on it, but something has changed in this world. I’ve thought that maybe it’s my mind has gone a bit askew, but apparently I am not the only one that has noticed the changes.  The food,work,school,the post office and even church service has changed in ways that I can’t quite quantify. I was helping a friend who owns a cleaning service company clean the movie theaters, while he was screening new help.  We cleaned the theaters before mall closed for the evening and frequently a movie would be still playing while we worked.  That was when I saw the “Matrix” for the first time.  This was around the time that I noticed that there was something wrong with the world.  Perhaps it was the dialogue from the show that sparked my thought, but it was like smelling smoke somewhere in the house and it prompts you to look for the source. As I have said, I don’t know WHERE the fire is, but I do smell the smoke.  If anyone else smells the smoke, please leave comment


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