Papers Please!


I was watching  an old WWII movie when a German guard ask the star for his papers.  Growing up in the Sixties, we rarely had to show documentation for anything, even if a cop pulled you over.  Nowadays, documents are required for everything.  It’s Nazi Germany all over again.  If you are at Wal-Mart and they suspect you of stealing something and you are still there when the cops roll up, the first thing the cop will ask you for will be….. your identification or if you will,  your papers. Go to a doctor or to the hospital and its papers,  Go to get another driver’s license or social security card  because you got mugged they asked for your papers. The same at  school, applying for a job, even getting a meal down at the homeless shelter. Papers!  I know with certainty if you want to fly on a plane, they are going to want your papers.  I was driving from Los Angeles to Houston and got stopped in New Mexico, after he asked me a few questions about some American football teams and the capital of the State of Texas, he asked for my …..papers.

Does anybody believe that a man can tell you the truth, without him having to look at your papers?  Sometimes I feel like a pedigree pooch, having to show that I come from registered American parents,  that they have got their parvo shots. I had to go to jury duty today and I was not allowed to bring my special public toilet cleaner,  because they feared it might be a bomb.  So I had to hold it until I got home.  ( I don’t care to use public toilets that I can’t clean up first before plopping down on them, nothing good can come from it,SO WHAT I’M STRANGE)  The traffic was unusually heavy, and I had to run before I made a mess!  I barely made it and turned to the tissue holder and guess what. NO DAMN PAPER!!!!!


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