The scrap over Voter Registration


Many states are in turmoil over the change in the laws concerning voter registration. Most of them are going to require state identification of some type,to be able to cast votes for chosen candidates The proponents of the new requirements say that it’s unfair to the elderly and to minorities.  They say that it a way to steal the electoral process by taking the votes away the economically disadvantaged in requiring the populous to have an I.D.

I think that the idea is ridiculous,  because those people who would be effected by this change, (mostly the homeless) already have some kind of state I.D. to cash their Government issued Entitlement checks.  If we wish to avoid costly voter recounts and accusations of voter discrimination.  We could just open the polling places next to a Liquor Stores and have the store owners verify to the veracity of the voters statements of vital statistics.  Since most states close the liquor stores on voting day, it will be no loss of revenues to the stores.  I think everyone wins with this proposal,  and we still have the same old thieving choices, Republicans or Democrats!



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