You are hereby summoned for Jury Duty


I was summoned to jury duty yesterday. This being the third time in a little over a year.  I sat through a little over an hour of legal babble speak and was informed that there was no way out for poor saps like me. (that’s what I get for switching to the Republican Party)  The District Clerk called the first 48 victims for the empaneling of two juries and I had to call back after 5:30 p.m. to hear if my number was called for another jury.  The number 4 has never been a lucky number for me,  so I had to haul my butt back down to the Courthouse today for another round of Voir Dire. Over a hundred folks lives are disrupted to make sure four or five people get a fair trial.   Today, the case I was called to serve on, was postponed due to a legal technicality.  I was released for today and told to call back tomorrow.  We could clear this all up by applying some lightning justice like our ancestors did in the Old West,   I’ll bring the ropes and a couple of fine horses.   Another juror can bring a keg and some BBQ, one could bring lawn chairs, still another juror can bring the potato salad and red beans……..


5 thoughts on “You are hereby summoned for Jury Duty

  1. My wife served on a jury a about seven years ago. She and her eleven jurymen sentenced some scum-bag to life. He jabbed a knife through a cashier’s neck. She died instantly. It was all caught on tape. After the trial the defense attorney, prosecutor, and judged thanked them for taking a man, who would kill again, off the streets.
    My wife said the attorney’s opening statement made her jump out of her seat. “I will prove beyond a shadow of a doubt my client is innocent!” That’s what is called a vigorous defense.


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