My most vivid feeling of Deja Vu occurred when I went home to Beaumont/Port Arthur Texas in 2011. While I was born in Port Arthur, I only spent a couple of months there as an infant. When I was 16, I got into an argument with my parents and got on a bus to Beaumont and spent a day walking around town with the intention of staying there permanently. It was raining in buckets and my teenage anger cooled with the cold air and I ended up re-boarding the bus back to north Texas. So in 2011 without knowing why I did it, I rented a car and loaded up my wife and grown son and hit the highway. I had intended to take U.S 287South and go straight to Beaumont but there was construction on the highway and we were diverted off into Houston instead. I asked my son where is the GPS? He said that its in your truck, in the garage, at home! My wife started demanding that I pull over and get a map. I said no and kept saying I know the way. I found 610 East and got on the road to Beaumont without any other problems. When we got to Beaumont, every street was familiar, even the new streets that were added after I went there as a teenager. We were coming up a back street when I looked to the left, I began describing a house with trees over a brick paved street. As we went down the road, past the Funeral Parlor that I had described to them. (they had never been to that town before) we found the house that I had told them about it. What was so surreal about the whole thing,  was that I had never been in that section of town. In my runaway tour in 1979, I never left the downtown area. Later they said they were had similar feelings of being there before. We stopped at the house I told them about and told them every detail about the yard and house. The yard was overgrown, but I told where the swimming pool was and the fountain and reflection pool was before we got out of the car. There were many others instances of Deja Vu as we enjoyed our impromptu vacation. But what we experienced was confirmation that there is more to life than what we see.



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  1. There is something about me and it seems about you also from the story. You like to return to places you have been. If we were criminals it would be called returning to the scene of the crime.


  2. This is the street that gave me the strongest feeling of Deja Vu and this is the house that I described to my family, from ten blocks away. The street is paved with bricks under the asphalt, but you wouldn’t know that until you got to the other end.(because of the potholes) I described every nuance of that house and that corner before we got there. I was better than Carno the Magnificent!


  3. Yes this was a very eerie trip. I don’t how he found the way in Houston, but he did it without stopping to get a map! It must be a man-thing! Go ahead, ignore your wife! Ride around lost for a couple of days so your ego remains in tact! LOL!


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