The Last Rest Home

I don’t recall waking this morning. Truthfully I haven’t remembered waking in what seems to be in quite some time. The usual aches and pains are gone, so I hadn’t been to the doctor’s office in a few years, thank God for that. This morning I found myself meandering in front of the Staley Building.  They are tearing it down today.  Me and a fellow named Kilroy Eberson scratched our names in the foundation right over there, of course the bricklayers laid bricks over top of that spot the next week.  But we still left our marks, at least for a few decades.  I was an elevator operator in the Smithe Building across the street. I was twenty years old when they poured that foundation, I was fresh out the service.  That was 1946.  I’d been drafted in late 44′ and I got as far Fort Dix, New Jersey before the war was over.
I spent most of the day watching the demolition crew destroy the old skyscraper and reminiscing about the good old days. I went down to the Scott’s Drive-in during lunch. They were still serving those greasy old-fashioned hamburgers, and malted shakes made with real ice cream.  I sure wish I could smell it, that makes up most of the satisfaction of a meal!  Once again I didn’t see anyone I knew, but that wasn’t surprising since I hadn’t run into any of my generation in about 15 years.
As I made my way down the path leading to my place, I noticed a bouquet of Forget-Me-Nots flowers at the foot of my door.  I reminded me that it was my Birthday.  The flowers were radiant and beautiful.  My youngest Granddaughter must have come by,  while I was away.  She always leaves flowers when comes by.  It would be really wonderful if I could still smell them, although they were truly spectacular to look at, but the absence of their aroma, somehow made them a bit less impressive .  Maybe the Perpetual Care people will leave them longer than a week this time.  As I took off my hat and lay again in my crypt, as the sun set on my 15th year here in Shady Grove Cemetery.  My ever so restless spirit returned once again,  to its eternal slumber.

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