Because she wasn’t there

tumblr_lqjpztDMXU1qch7b8o1_1280Because she wasn’t there, 642 people died in a Suicide bomb explosion in lower Manhattan this morning. The bomb exploded in the height of activity at the New york Stock Exchange. The bombing has been link to a radical fringe group of the American terrorist organization known as Separatist Americana.  The F.B.I. and Homeland Security are conducting an investigation into the suspected suicide bomber, Abraham Fulsome.  Fulsome’s home address was adjacent to slain NYPD  Sergeant Sandy Messinger.  A 16 year veteran of the NYPD, Messinger began an investigation of Fulsome after the officer noticed extremely bizarre behavior exhibited by Mr. Fulsome, who had previously been described as very even keel. The investigation was on hold pending reassignment,  in the wake of Messinger’s death.

Sgt.  Messinger was killed a month ago by Franklin Clarke, a suspected home invasion robber, who while fleeing the police took a hostage in a convenience store.   Clarke killed Messinger during the hostage negotiations, then he killed the hostage and finally turned the gun on himself.  The FBI has already launched a two prong investigation into a possible link between Fulsome and Clarke,  with both suspects dying by their own hands and the fact both men came in contact with Sgt. Messinger.

Clarke’s mother, Rita Harris, said in a press statement after her son’s murder/suicide incident that “she regrets the hurt and deaths that her son has caused, but Frankie has been caught up in trouble since he was born.”  She also said she was frightened away from the planned parenthood clinic while she was pregnant with him, they were screaming horrendous things and throwing bloody dolls at her feet as she walked.  The mistake that I made, was not having the courage to go back to the clinic, their (pro-life advocates)  protest took away my choice.” Harris said.

It is still unknown how Fulsome got past the enhanced security, that has been in place since the World Trade Center bombings  in 1993.  Details are sketchy at this time, but Assistant District Deputy Director Tanviir Hussein said that the investigation is proceeding with all deliberate speed and more information will be presented when it is available.


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