There is No God

I had to pick up my 5-year-old granddaughter from daycare today.  I asked her what she learned at school today, as we drove back to my house.  She told me about Easter eggs and pink bunnies and this and that, she rambled on and on.  I tried my best to keep up with what she talked about, but it was to no avail.  Her voice began drone on like a late night NPR guest speaker, until she said “There is no God“.  I drove on for a second before asking her what she said.  She sat up in her seat and repeated what she said before “There is no God.”  I asked where she had  heard this.  I thought surely not at home, My son and daughter in law were devout Christians, like their grandparents before them, (not me of course, I am only a believer, not a Bible thumper) But I would never fix my mouth to say those words.   She answered while I was lost in thought.  “My teacher at day school said that Jesus died on the cross.  Because of man’s sins, that right Poppy, you and dad got God killed! ” The light of understanding came on, note to self,   (call back the assassination squad on the way to XYZ Daycare.)  The Easter Story was evidently taught in their classroom today, and she fell asleep after the crucifixion of Jesus, so she thought He was still dead in the tomb.  So I asked her to tell me the rest of the story, and after a minute of thinking about it she said,  “Judas got the money , Peter got the churches, and the Roman soldiers got Jesus’ clothes!”tombstone


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