This started out to be a story of a man in a lynch mob, and not sure why he was there!

Chamber of the Ages

Yes America,  the change has come. But not the one Sam or Martin hoped for.  Sure, we can all drink from the same fountain, but now the water is polluted.  We have integrated schools, complete with metal detectors in each every one.  Our children have no sense of values beyond their own self-gratifying efforts. It not all their fault, they were born that way.  Middle America works for someone overseas, and every country controls our production, other than our own.  Now we argue over whether Gays have a right to marry when the law was laid out nearly three centuries ago. The answer is yes, a woman can marry any man she chooses that is not her blood relative, and man can marry any woman who is not his blood relative.  Any other joining is prohibited!  Personally, I don’t care if Adam marries Steve or if Eve marries Eva, all this…

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