Happy 70th Birthday Ernest Lee Glover!

You left us in 1992.  We have been missing ever since, but here is one of your favorite tunes to carry with you for all time.  I hope to see my big brother again!


5 thoughts on “Happy 70th Birthday Ernest Lee Glover!

  1. Maybe I’m just old, but today there are so many great voices out there, but you can’t understand a word they’re singing. They seem to be trying too hard or putting something into the song that rally takes away from it. Sam Cooke, every word was clear and every note on key.


  2. OMG!!! I Just so happened to type daddy’s name in a google search and this is what I found. Thanks for doing this anytime I miss him I play this song by Sam Cook & Ribbon in the sky by Stevie Wonder and it takes me back to when we use to dance


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