Night Shift (take some hay, to feed your nightmare)


I had the dreams again last night. They come so regular that I’m starting to wonder if my awake life is the dream.  It’s always in a sea-side city, I’m working at a sheet metal fabrication factory.  We make all kinds of things from the sheet metal.  Toilet partitions, office desk, Air conditioner enclosures, Desktop CPU casings,  and pretty much anything else that needs powder coating.  Sometimes I work in fabrication, sometimes in shipping. I seem to be a favorite in Engineering, they like to track me down, wherever I am assigned.  I once asked one of the engineers who had tracked me down one day,  I said to him “Am I wearing a bell?’ He thought it was humorous, but I was dead serious. It seems that I have a unique way of looking at the design problems they encounter.  One of them said that ” You can look at problem and see the solution without having to go to a drawing!”
When they put me in shipping department, there seems to be two sub-divisions to it, receiving and outbound.  Outbound is the hardest for me to work, because you have to make sure the order is complete before it goes on the freight trucks.  It is far more concise than just the simple counting of pieces in receiving.   If I am assigned to the fabrication part of the plant, there are four parts to that department.  There is CNC punch, Press brake, forming, (spot weld and powder coat and assembly are in the forming dept.).  All completed part go to the warehouse for kitting by the Shipping Dept.. After a night of dreaming all of this, I am as tired when I wake in the mornings as I would be getting off work at my day job!  The only really good thing about working there is that the cafeteria is free! They serve real hand prepared food better than most restaurants that I’ve been to.  Not just cold sandwiches, Meatloaf, Salisbury steaks, fried catfish, basically the whole Golden Corral menu.  And Mexican food (I will die for it!)  Can you tell that LUNCH is my favorite activity?
Well anyway I’ve been on this job for what seems like 25 years and I am still a Temp.  I think that I going to ask to be full-time tonight,  What’s the worst that can happen, are they are going to fire me?  Go ahead, let them!  I’m well over due for a vacation!

2 thoughts on “Night Shift (take some hay, to feed your nightmare)

  1. I have a tendency to go along with all the stuff that was in fact posted within
    “Night Shift (take some hay, to feed your nightmare) | Through the
    Looking Glass”. Thank you for all the actual facts.
    Thanks for your time,Adeline


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