The “gods” of the new Olympus

533093-throne-of-olympus-windows-screenshot-all-the-gods-and-goddessessThe “gods” of Olympus had their trident to access their power, the minor gods used their temples in the same way.  Modern man now has a new power, through the advent of something called the “internet” .  A  newly discovered godlike power, being wielded by mere mortals has birthed a new set of Olympians. These new gods are called bloggers, and like their predecessors they wield awesome power, a power that can be used to reshape the landscape, and cause evolutionary upheavals in the minds of all mankind.  Connected by a new organ called a “computer”, these mortals are capable of channeling enormous power through a vast network, in a few seconds,  instead of many years.  I have only met a few of these new Olympians, but from what I see so far,  they have already surpassed the old gods,  and are making new history every day.

The first new Olympian that I acknowledge is Kenton Lewis of the “The Jittery Goat”,  he has all the wisdom and power of Zeus.  Then I would mention “Opinionated Man” as the new Apollo, his style of writing carries you through to a new light of understanding.  Another person that I’ve found just recently is “hotsouthernmess” , she has the honesty of Athena, and lays everything out like it came in the package, no tricks and no deceptions of any kind.  Opinionated Miscellany is among my list of new “gods” because he gives you the answer, before you even knew that you needed to ask the question. There are many more that I’ve found, and don’t be offended if I didn’t give you mention in this blog.  I just haven’t got around to it just yet.  My son said that I was the new Hephaestus, or god of the forge.  I’m not sure how to take that,  Hephaestus was considered to be sort of an odd duck.  But for now I send you all greeting from high atop Mount WordPress, the new Olympus!


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