ice cold sunshine

I was outside, working in my garden on a beautiful spring day.  I had not a care in the world.  Even though there was a worrisome, unnamed heaviness in the air .  If you had told me of the coming trouble that this day would signify,  I would have used my cell phone to call up the local loony bin and make a reservation for you.  That was back when you had pocket access to speak to nearly anyone around the world.   That was back when, you could get into a gas-powered car and go two miles to the local Wal-Mart and get food, clothing, and the latest electronics.  That was back when electricity was plentiful, and you didn’t have to depend on sunlight to see where you were going.  That was before the Goon squads began to gathering up my neighbors in the middle of the night.  It seems like it was an eternity ago,  but it has been only four years since we abandoned the cities, though the rural areas were not much better.  If you didn’t know someone or have something to trade, you were considered the unwanted. Needless to say, the dollar was worthless.  Food, weapons and medicines became the standard currency.
   Farmers and ranchers defended the properties fiercely, the rule of law was undone, simple trespassing often led to murder.  Looters were killed on sight.  The doom-speakers and the  survivalists would have boasted about their correct prediction the coming calamity, if they hadn’t been overrun by the “food stamp” hordes.  The irony is that if they had kept their mouths shut, and gathered the food and supplies in secret,  instead of selling it over the internet, they might have never come under attack.  Even a stopped clock is right on time,  twice a day.  Television personality Glenn Beck was killed by an angry mob,  after his security failed to keep the crowds at bay.  The report of  the attacks, was one of the last few reports broadcast over the airways before the power grid collapsed.  April 15, 2013,  officially the last day of sanity in the modern world.  It all began in a place called Dubai………..

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