ice cold sunshine part 2


It all began in a place called Dubai, a city in the United Arab Emirates, (Saudi Arabia) with a perceived insult.  The insult was a handshake that had been presented with a left hand, an insignificant incident to most of the world. But this handshake would topple the world’s most powerful governments.  Some analyst have said that the handshake was the tip of the iceberg to the growing thousand-year long conflict.  They say that it was the earthquake following the dispute that triggered the global chaos.  Many others say that it was neither.  It was just time for the teakettle to boil over, but whatever might have caused it,  our history was re-shaped  that day.

My wife had come home from work via the 7-Eleven  getting some gas and I hoped,  a 12 pack of beer.  I was watching Entertainment Tonight on TV when she called out to me,  as she came into the kitchen.  ” Honey, turn it on the news! ” she exclaimed.  She ran straight to the remote, before I could even get my feet off the couch.  There are long lines forming at the gas pumps, just like it did on 9-11! It look like the whole gas station staff is at work down there, and they say gas prices are tripling! I noticed that lines were forming at gas stations along the freeway as I was coming home from work and stopped at that 7-11 down the street from us to see what was happening!  I tried calling your phone, but it took a while to get a dial tone and then you didn’t answer!  Do you have gas in your truck?  No, my truck uses diesel!  I replied You know what I mean! she said in an exasperated voice. Is it full? It’s already six dollars a gallon now,  and three times that is $18.00!  If it needs fuel, you’d better go down and get it while you still can!  She switched the channel over to CNN, and drew my protest. “Foul play! I ‘m going to miss what Justin Bieber said about Anne Frank.” I said throwing my hands up.   She glared at me with her signature  “I’m real close to throwing the remote at you” look. The news announcer was narrating a scene that showed people in the Middle east loading shells into cannon and firing AK 47’s rifles.  Both of us watched in silence as the melee played out on the 120 inch screen.  I’m sure that both of us thought at that time, that this would be another short-lived crisis, like the one following September 11,  and all the other minor scares that followed it.  We both thought wrong, as did the rest of the world………….



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