ice cold sunshine final conclusion


It became apparent to everyone that this crisis was not going away quietly,  like it did the times before.  The stores were boarded up after their inventories were exhausted, the words “NOTHING ELSE LEFT TO STEAL” was painted on the ply board covering. Trucking industry refused to deliver because of the skyrocketing price of fuel and the lack of security.  In the first few days, semi-trucks were being hijacked all over the country. Fuel truck drivers were being forced to the side of the road and the drivers executed. It simply was not safe to haul anything, even with a police escort, starving people would resort to anything to find food.  The internet and cell phones fell first, followed in quick secession by the electric power, natural gas and water. And even though martial law had been declared, it wasn’t long until the soldiers assigned to protect order, decided to protect for themselves.  They became the looters, the hoarders, and well armed roving bands of warlords, gathering people in the night to use as slaves. It was like using wolves to guard the hen-house.

Three weeks out, the most beautiful cities became Mad Max’s worst nightmare.  Yes three weeks out, I would say that our digital world was in its death throes.  Before we abandon the cities,  I traded my sequestered neighbor’s Dalmatians  for a pickup trailer and mule.  I not sure if they wanted the dogs for breeding or for food, but I needed the mule and trailer to try to get out of the city. Something called a pandemic,  had swept through right after the shit hit the fan.  Killed a bunch of people, many of them were killed just trying to get to the hospital, being mistaken for looters. Saw most of these tragedies first hand, the others were transmitted over the radio.  It was the regular AM/FM radio at first, then shortwave and C.B. radios later on.  I’m glad I held on to my dad’s old C.B. radio, it was the only thing in his life, he was right about.  Nearly everything is pretty much like it was in the late 1800’s now.  With pockets of technology scattered here and there. Slavery in some areas, indentured servitude in others, but no outright lawlessness anywhere.  Some people say that we lost over half the world’s population in the first six months.  Most of the lost were from the “civilized” countries, due to the pandemic.  The underdeveloped nations seemed to weather the storm a little better than most, I’d guess because the loss of comfort level was less profound with them.

Well , it has began to warm up a bit, time to get back to work in the gardens. Dog gone early spring mornings are kind of a mixed blessing. The sunshine is beautiful, but there’s that winter wind blowing out the North, that keeps it a bit chilly.  My Grandma used to call it ice-cold sunshine, and I’d reckon it’s a good name for the times we are living in,  here in 2017……………….


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