The ears of the little Pitcher


Anyone forty years or older, should know the expression, ” little pitchers have big ears ”  referring to children in within earshot of an adult conversation.  I recall the first time I heard the phrase used.  My mother and a young lady named Mrs. Vernell were talking as I approached, Mrs Vernell continued talking and Mom told her to hush,  then she said   ” little pitchers have big ears”.  Their conversations ceased for a moment,  and then changed into something totally different.   I marked it in my memory and later on that day, I brought the pitcher in to my mother,  who was resting on the couch.  I held the pitcher up and asked my mother  ” where are the ears on this pitcher?”  She began to laugh.  And then sitting up,  she grabbed my ears and gave them a gentle tug.  “Right here!” she says.  “and yooouuu… are the little pitcher!”  Have you ever wondered (after you became an adult) what  caused an argument between older relatives?  When you were the little pitchers with the big ears?



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