A long gone dog from childhood does what men cannot.

Chamber of the Ages


I don’t know what time it is.  The lights stay on in this place 24 hours a day, and there are no windows.  I can ask that officer when she comes around the check the cells.  I have 26 days left till they give me the needle.  That preacher comes around every day now and ask me if I want to talk, and release my sins.  He says I should turn my life over to God, ain’t that a pile of shit!  If God has all this power, then why does he send that little worm around to save my soul, as if it were worth a fuck anyway?   Even if I had a soul,  I couldn’t buy a roll up cigarette with it.  That preacher says that right now,  my soul is in the hands of the devil,  and that I’m on the road to Hell.  I told…

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