Bingo part 2

Chamber of the Ages

I woke from a good dream that I had a little while ago.  I dreamed that a dog came into my cell.  It was a mangy mongrel dog that I had when I was a kid. His name was Bingo, I called him that because that was Granny’s only vice, other than church.  I don’t know where Bingo can from, he just followed me home from school one day.  My Granny tried to shoo him away the first evening that we saw him.  I remember her complaining that she couldn’t afford feed another hungry mouth, the commodities¹ were stretched too thin as it was.  She ran him off for about ten minutes, but then he came back and lay in the same spot.  After that he became a permanent fixture. She never said another word about him.  He walked me to the bus-stop every morning,  and every weekday at three…

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