Bingo part 3

Chamber of the Ages

To bring you up to date, Granny was robbed two weeks after Bingo disappeared, she fought the young man for her purse, but he stabbed her with a switch blade and left her bleeding in the street.  She held on for eight days before she died at 58.   My cousins and I were sent to an orphans home,  and I guessed that where my life turned to shit. After three months at that place before I was sent to a foster home.   I ran away almost immediately and got caught two months later and brought back to the orphanage.  By then my cousins were gone, they had been sent out to a foster family, I never saw either of them again.  The next family that took me in, was two years later.  I stole from them all that I could carry,  and lived in the streets and until caught…

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