Bingo part 4

Chamber of the Ages

In the dream I was walking to the bus-stop, I had my school books under my arms.  I looked to my right and there was Bingo.  I put my hand out to rub his fur when he stopped suddenly,  and allowed me to keep walking.  He seemed to just stare at something ahead.  My head followed his stare to the bus stop ahead where the kids were assembled waiting on the bus.  The bus for the high school had not come by yet, so they were all out there,  grouped up in their collective groups.  The “In crowd” kids were sitting on the bench and the “out cast” stood behind them and a little further down.  The biggest kid with the Afro, was Marcus Green, A.K.A. “Tweety” sat center of the bench on the back of the bench.  All the others seemed to orbit him as if he were the…

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