I had always believed that marriage is the fulfillment of everyone’s destiny.  I believe that there is someone for everyone, and that a person finds comfort in the soul of their mates.  A marriage should bring happiness to both parties,  not just to one, or to someone’s family members.  Even in this video, the oldest family member believes that the young lady should not get married if she does not wish it.  Who else is wise enough to disagree with him?  The next video mentions that it is unlucky to be a girl in Ethiopia.  I would agree with that statement based on today’s thinking.  A marriage in many countries around the world will kill any dreams of independence and education that a person, (mainly women) might have.  So the phase  “till death do us part” in this case is a double entendre.  With the “death” being of the girl’s hopes and dreams.  Not being educated will affect her economic outlook from that day forward.    What do you think?


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