Bingo— final conclusion

Chamber of the Ages

I raised the seat like the voice in the bathroom, told me to.  To be honest, I’ve never given take a leak a second thought. Especially,  not getting any urine on the seat, it would be good to know for future reference.  Might keep me out of dutch in a house with a least two women in it.  The woman was still sleeping when I came out of the bathroom,  I gathered some jeans and a shirt that was laid over a chair and a pair of shoes underneath, then eased out in to the hallway.   The bath that I had found was now empty, and I could hear the toilet filling back up from being flushed.  I went in and donned the clothes I’d found.  Perfect fit. I looked deeply into the mirror and I noticed the scar in my hairline, that I had been there since I was…

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