“Cross my Heart and hope to Die!”


Listening to my Grandchildren over this past weekend, brought back a memory of a secret that I was bound to keep by my older brother Melvin.  As I was sitting on the patio at my son’s house,  and I overheard one of my Grand-kids swearing his brother to top secrecy.  It seemed that the older boy Shelby,  had apparently swiped a couple of beers out of the cooler from last night’s barbeque.  His Dad is a Bible thumper and only allowed his sinful brother to bring beer over for this one occasion.  I listened closely as this scene played out in a quiet corner of the house,  with me outside their bedroom window.   “Cross my Heart and hope to Die!”  Mitchell was repeating what Shelby told him to say.  “On Mom’s grave, I swear I’ll never tell living soul! ” came  from Mitchell’s lips through the open window.  I knew he would tell Mitchell the secret,  but for the life of me I don’t know why,  Mitchell was born a natural snitch,  he just simply can’t help himself.  I once took him with me shopping for some auto parts, on the way back, when went by the Sonic drive in and ordered some food.  Mitchell was not supposed to have an ice cream  sundae before eating the rest of his meal, but he wanted it anyway,  so I told him that he could go ahead and eat it,  provided that he told no one,  it would be our little secret.  He agreed and made short work of the ice cream on the ride back to my house with the rest of the food.

When I pulled into the driveway, he unbuckled his seat belt and made a beeline to his Mom. ” Poppy bought me an ice cream and I ate it all up!”  he says.  My daughter in law shot me an evil glance,  then started reading me the riot act.  That was the last time I shared a secret with him.  I asked my son later that day,  if the boy had “stool pigeon”  in his DNA! What a tattle tale!   So Shelby shares his secret with his baby brother,  and amazingly Mitchell didn’t blab.  Shelby was the one to let the cat out of the bag, he got drunk after drinking one of the beers,  and threw up all over the bathroom.  But this whole little sitcom brought back to mind, the time that Melvin came to me itching with a secret. His secret was much deeper than young Shelby’s, and a lot more explosive.  I have not let his secret out and I probably never will.  It not important anymore,  all the major players are dead now.  Most likely because they couldn’t keep their big traps shut!


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