“Puss” from ©”the Diary of Mary Ann Bailey”

Life was a lot simpler as a little girl in 1938. But some lessons have to teach themselves in all ages.

Life was a lot simpler as a little girl in 1938. But some lessons have to teach themselves in any age.

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Puss was my cousin.  We lived in a small farming community outside of Calvert,Texas.  I was a ten-year old girl in 1940,  Puss (Edith Mae) was 14.  I would be married by the time I was 14 and living in Kansas with my husband.  I had an older brother named Charlie,  still living at home during my last few remaining years at my mother’s home. They were the only two survivors of a fire at the house with her previous husband, Mr. Jones and my older two half-sisters perished in the flames.  So,  Mama always made sure that Charlie got the best of everything, even if she and I had to do without. She never said it, but I got the sense that she was trying to make up for the loss of his father and sisters. Mamma was never married to my father,  she explained that “she was slipping behind the barn” with him,  that Jesse Bailey was just someone to pass the time with,  to try to fill the empty space in her heart after Charlie Jones Sr. died.  I wouldn’t meet my real father until the 1952.  Most times, I would have to make the long journey into town, alone if wasn’t our regular monthly shopping day.  We would ride with our neighbor, Mr. Barney on his buckboard pulled by his two mules, once a month. Any other time,  we walked everywhere we went. We had a school for colored kids near the Church house.  Mama had been remarried to a man named Mister Hulon Simms.  I knew she only married him for financial reasons, it was hard to make it as a single mother in the thirties.  With the Depression and living on the edge of the Great Dust Bowl on top of that, it made for hard living.  He was the main reason I married so young, to get away from his constant attempts to molest me. We hauled wood and water year round.  Mama would carry two buckets on a truss that she made up.  She could make two trips to my one,  she was a strong woman. Mr Simms worked the farm and chased tail. Anybody’s tail. I will tell you all later, about his self driving donkey.

The walk was about a two miles  into town,  and I had been sent to get some sugar at the general store.  Puss, who was also headed into town,  walked with me.  On the way back, Puss saw some other girls on the walk back to country,  and went back to walk with them.  There has another boy walking behind them named Otis.  He was tall and dark-skinned and about fifteen years old.  Puss liked him, a whole lot.  But he didn’t seem to show any interests in her.   She trotted up to me, poking me in the side.  ” Mary Ann, do me a favor, Otis is coming this way and I want you to get him to show me his thing!”  Puss had said before that she liked him, but it seems that Otis was more interested in me than her,  probably because I had a light complexion.   Back then, it was a believed that light-skinned Blacks got better opportunities than dark-skinned Blacks,  given the racial climate in the forties,  it was probably true.  At that age I had no sexual experience.  I had only seen the farm animals having sex, and I had no clue about what Puss was asking me to do.  I said “What do you want me to say?   How am I supposed to get him to show you his thing?”  Puss, having already worked out a plan in her head, told me tell to him what he wanted to hear, she said ” Tell him that you will give him some,  if he takes it out and shows it to us!”  I immediately said “ I ain’t going to give him nothin’! That big ol’ boy is not going to get on top of me, No way, no how!”  Puss continued to urge me into doing what she asked, and after a minute or so I relented.

We slowed down and allowed Otis to catch up.  As he moved past us, Puss began poking me in the side again, and whispering “Do it! Do it! Do it!”  in my left ear.  I gathered up my courage and called to him ” Hey Otis, come over here!”  He slowed his pace and walked next to us.  Puss whispered to me “ Tell him that you will give him some pussy,  if he shows us his ding-a-ling !” I was like her ventriloquist’s dummy, every word that Puss said into my ear came out of my mouth,  I didn’t realize that I was writing a check that my ass couldn’t cash!  Otis showed his immediate interest by unbuttoning the fly on his faded pin striped coveralls.  His uncircumcised penis popped its swollen head out, it looked like a huge earthworm clawing its way to the surface in Mama’s garden.  It was so big, that it scared me senseless.  His dick looked like it belonged on one of Mr. Barney’s mules!  I jumped back, screaming in fright,  and took off running.  I didn’t care that I had on my best shoes and that I was running through big patches of mud.  I had to get away from that gigantic trouser snake that Otis was toting  around in those patched up bibs. ” Oohhhweeeee!” I heard myself screaming as I ran down the side of the road.  I must have sounded like a whistling teapot on the back of a railway car!  I can laugh about it now, but that day I was frightened out of my wits.

I could hear Puss calling me as I ran,  and Otis was cussing me out for slighting him in the deal,  I ran like I was in a ten-mile marathon, trying to hold on to first place.  Fortunately, Otis lived at a fork in the road and turned off onto the dirt road leading to his family’s place.  I was almost home when I realized,  that I had dropped the bag of sugar Momma had sent me to go get.  I turned around and prayed that Otis was not still there waiting for me to fulfill my promise.  I walked back to retrieve the package because Momma would be mad cause I lost a five cent bag of sugar for whatever reason.  At about a third of the way back,  I saw Puss coming down the highway with the paper bag, that I had dropped.  She laughed at me, and said that Otis was ahead, still waiting  to do the nasty with me!  I got a whipping anyway, because some of the sugar was lost, when the package fell into the mud.  Puss had explained to Momma, (with a little smirk on her face) that we saw a big snake on the way back to the house,  so Momma wasn’t so hard on me.  But Otis was,but in a different way.  I knew because I could tell by the way his thing was sticking out!  I saw him again in 1965, I went home to visit Momma and he was the Bishop in the Baptist Church, I chuckled as I left the building,  wondering if he was still mad at me for what Puss put me up to do.



2 thoughts on ““Puss” from ©”the Diary of Mary Ann Bailey”

    • The exploration of sexuality was a ten-year olds “bold new world”. That is, before the information age, Mary Ann was telling about her first experience, while still in the age of naivety.


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