Living daily with a razor at your throat

Why you knowingly be at the mercy of the government?  Or the whim of any powerful organization.  How many of the people in this world are a flipped switch away from poverty, or the loss of electrical power, or other basic necessities.  What if the powers that be decided that their subjects should have to “sing” for their supper?  I am reminded of a scene from Mad Max 3 Beyond Thunder-dome, where the character played by Tina Turner had to submit daily,  to a tyrant known as                 ” Master-Blaster”.  In the scene below:

While I empathize with the people on various governmental aids, I would think that at some point.  They would attempt to pull away from that kind of dependence.  If it means starting a garden on a vacant lot, of raising chicken in an abandoned warehouse, any progress is better than none.  I recently wrote a short story called ” Ice Cold Sunshine” .  The story tells of an economic upheaval that spins out of control, causing the breakdown of services worldwide.  The “food stamp” hordes refers to those people who do not have the capacity to feed themselves for an extended period, not only to the recipients of government assistance. While many people responding to my story, were offended that I used the term “food stamp” horde to describe the mob of people overrunning private shelters, and looting businesses.  I will say to you again, (I WRITE WHAT COMES TO ME! YES MOM, MY STORIES CAN BE A LITTLE OBSCENE,VIOLENT, AND BLOODY.  BUT THAT’S WHAT HAS COME TO ME,  SOMETIMES!  OKAY, OFF MY SOAP BOX)

This video was uploaded to You tube on October 24, 2011,  I know without researching,  that none of the people who are living with that razor on their throats,  have tried to break free!  


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