Writer Killed in a 18 Vehicle Pile-Up.

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A multi-vehicle collision on Interstate 40 East claimed the life of newly famous Author Vertis Jones who wrote under the pen name Volcano Sunset. Jones was pronounced dead at the scene by Department of Safety Trooper Pat Stoler at 10:15 yesterday morning.   The 52-year-old journalist was the only person injured in the crash.  Mr. Jones was known for his newly published book “As Told by a Shoeshine Boy“.  The book has begun to gain notoriety in many literary circles,  for some inflammatory short stories contained within.  Sources say that Jones was on his way to his hometown of Beaumont, Texas when the crash occurred.  Jones leaves behind his wife of thirty years,  Sharon Thatcher Jones ,  three sons, and host of grandchildren, nieces and nephews.   Arrangements are pending,  with Lone Pine Mortuary in Beaumont, Texas.

As you might have already guessed,  that the rumors of my demise are very premature!  I,  like most of the mortal world, think about my inevitable, impending demise.  Perhaps I think of it a little more than the average Joe.  Namely because throughout my life, I’ve chosen occupations that were on the dangerous side.  I can’t tell you of  how many times that I came close to “buying the farm”.   A couple of times I didn’t even realize that my actions were ones that “thinned out the herd”.   If you don’t know what that expression means.  Let’s just say, that the strain on the resources of the population is relieved somewhat, by the dumber ones in the group, doing something that gets them killed.  For example, an antelope that refuses to stay in the safety of the herd,  is picked off by the stalking cheetahs because it was too close to react to the flight of the others in the herd.  In humans, these victims are amateur stuntmen, thrill seekers, and people who go around making videos of themselves,  catching dangerous animals.  Not to forget, smokers, drug addicts, winos, and people who text/talk and drive, and lap band patients.   In thinking about death and dying, one rarely entertains things not likely to happen, like drowning in a bath tub. (I don’t have a tub, that’s one thing that I can cross off my list!) I always feared getting trapped in an old refrigerator, with the latches in front!   This also, will not happen, I haven’t seen one of those in years, even in an antique shop.  I had a dream the other night of chopping down a tree with my Step-dad,  and the tree fell over on our neighbor’s house, there was no one was left to complain.  My Step-father said before he died at 91, that you should always mark your time.  He said go to a wedding, a funeral, a graduation, or go to visit at the maternity ward.  Doing that, at least once a year, will keep you mindful, that your days on this Earth are numbered.  It will keep you from just sitting around on your duff,  waiting on death to come and collect you.  If you have something to write, then write it!  From the Dead Poets Society, “Gentlemen,  we are food for worms!”   My Step-father had a saying that I still use today,  When Old man Death finally catches me,  he will have his tongue hanging out,  polishing his shoes,  from running to keep up with me!

P.S. I know I got cha’!  Many of you feel slighted cause I’m still alive!……….Get over it!    Don’t be mad, leave a like, or dislike, a comment, or a low rating.  Something!

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