On the list?

I was conversing with a fellow blogger about the change in the way the media disseminates the “news”..  Now,  I have never believed in conspiracy theories, or a second shooter on the grassy Knoll, or any other kind of that fertilizer,  being spread around by the paranoid public.  I, like many of the bloggers in this country, don’t worry that our government is going to come and get me in the middle of the night and take me to a death camp and snuff me out!  It would be cheaper to cut my brake line and let me do the rest.  But I said to this blogger, “how do we know that the people who (they) parade in front of the cameras are really the ones responsible for the “terrorist” act?” Then I thought about it, hell, they could parade me out there as a terrorist, and just saying that they have the evidence, will sink my little paper battleship without benefit of a trial.  I could have been walking at the Boston Marathon and threw something in the trash can, and they set off their bombs and implicate me,  I wouldn’t have a leg to stand on!  If they kill me and say I acted alone, the case is closed!  But even still, they will gain more access to curtail you rights, and it only cost a few victims and a patsy!  We truly need to guard what we allow to enter our minds, because there is no guarantees that everything that is broadcasted is the truth.  Every single one of us could be vilified by the media, and none of us can protect ourselves once they got the ball rolling.



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