The Cutting Edge1968 Cure for A.D.D.


I don’t know what is in the current cure for Attention Deficit Disorder.  I’m not even sure how all the chemical compounds affect the adolescent brain.  Frankly,  I don’t even know what A.D.D. is as a clinical term.  But I do know that in the sixties, this device was the leading remedy and a grownup favorite.  It’s primary use was as a behavior modifier. When properly deployed, it is said to relieve adult stress by a factor of four. The package directions read: Liberal use is recommended.  May cause some minor redness and inflammation. Guaranteed to cure disobedience in children when properly applied, however your results may vary.  See your manufacturer specifications before using on you bad ass kid.

This device usually only had to be used on us once or twice a year.


One thought on “The Cutting Edge1968 Cure for A.D.D.

  1. I have to smile. As my son was diagnosed with ADD. And I kept him on prescribed meds for about a year, and then said , enough of that. My mother bought him used golf clubs and up until he fell in love, GOLF consumed him. He even a got to go to college because of golf. He still loves to play, but finds he can’t afford it anymore because he is a husband and father of three. While I admit, the CURE you spoke of might have been USEFUL. God certainly knows it was considered. You might say GOLF saved him from corporal punishment and worse! LOL… BUT anything is better then thoses damned meds! GREAT POST! 🙂


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