“AS THE GHETTO TURNS” episode 5 A Hood Rat”s Jackpot: CHILD SUPPORT

I hit the Jackpot!

I hit the Jackpot!

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Season 1    Episode 5——  A Hood Rat”s Jackpot: CHILD SUPPORT

It is the responsibility of every parent to provide food shelter and security,  for every child that they bring into this world.  With that being said, the effects of parental support will invariably influence a child’s life through adulthood.  It will affect how a child will be live, learn, and grow.  A child that is hungry, in need of clothing, medical attention or a stable home to come home to, will fall behind in school and life.  I have seen many instances, where children will learn what is necessary to keep themselves alive, no matter what the cost.  Despite the belief that they enter the world innocent,  a child of five years of age can manage to care for themselves, but not without consequences.  Many mothers in the “ghetto” are struggling to care for children alone.  Even with a pittance of child support, it is tough to make it.  I have heard men say of  former spouse or baby’s momma “ She buys that fake hair and fake nails with my child support money, Ain’t one dime of that money going to my kids! That nigga she f*cking now, needs to be buying all that bullsh*t!”  These men seem to think that they should be able to decide what a woman buys, with the chump change they pay in child support every month.  I know it is not really an issue with me anymore, all my children are grown.  But if the situation dictates that one spouse or another has to pay support,  they should pay it and go on with their lives.  In cases where the mother is made to pay support, the same rules should apply, because the child needs are not going to change,  just because of a change in custody.

But getting back to the reason for this article.  I have known women, some of whom are my relatives.  Who go out to get pregnant intentionally,  by men in economically well to do positions .  In the ghetto,  they are called “gold diggers”, a slang term for a person solely after wealth. Now don’t get me wrong, I think that a man is supposed to support his children, but these females are not women, they are hood-rats.  Their only desire is to find someone to take care of them, and they don’t care who it is.  These hood-rats do there homework, finding out everything about a potential mark. Marital status, length of time on a job, perhaps even a credit report.  She will then make herself available to the potential mark,  hoping to lure him into a sexual encounter.  She will force him to use a condom, which she provides,  which of course may have holes in it.  She will makes sure that she is the most fertile when they have sex, she is in this for the money. (she will also tell him not to throw the used condom in the toilet, that it may stop it up,  so she can retrieve them later, if need be.)If she is successful, she can start demanding money within the next few months.

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2 thoughts on ““AS THE GHETTO TURNS” episode 5 A Hood Rat”s Jackpot: CHILD SUPPORT

  1. Few want to comment as you have. It’s a question of morality in so many different directions. Leaders can get up and say it’s wrong without condemning people, but saying and admitting it is wrong might in some small way stop what is changing the ethical norms of our society and culture.


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