Look what Toto’s Uncovered!

Wizard-of-Oz curtain

Has anyone else noticed that the news media has been feeding us stories aimed at keeping us at each others throat?  It makes you wonder what the Wizard of Oz is really doing behind the curtain!  We have a  one party system that operates under a the guise of a two party system.  But what we have failed to notice is that after each election, all of us that are out here busting our asses to make things better for our fellow Americans, are falling further behind and the elected officials are getting richer and more prosperous.  We used to share in the American Pie forty years ago, now  we only get the crumbs that fall from the tables and to wash up the dirty  dishes?  How about all American Natives Party Members (these are all people born and raised in the continental United States) go VOTE the entire political machinery out of office and just farm out their jobs until we can fix our country back up?  We can call it Fire Fest 2014.  We certainly aren’t getting anything accomplished with the crew that we got now!  If they were on a private sector job, they would have been fired long before now!

                                                                                                Volcano Sunset

                                                                                          presently the sole member

                                                                                           American Natives Party


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