A Sea of Angry Voices

We are the Voices of the hardworking, previously obedient law-abiding citizens.  We have stepped back, and allowed our elected ones, write and enforce the laws of the land.  We have allowed them to decide how to interpret the law, and mete out punishment, after it is deemed necessary, when the accused is found guilty.  For many years, we have had faith in our leaders, and their jurisprudence, through their obedience to God’s law.  It has become evident that they no longer follow God’s law,  and now depend on the dwindling wisdom of man to perform the duties of magistrate over justice in this land.  Our Voice has become steadily disheartened with the administration of the laws of our land, and now when we speak, there is a faint tone of sedition when it comes to complying with the law.


This flag has always carried the stigma of racist attitudes in the United States.  It has been carried by many to express their sentiments during rallies and protest marches all across this country.  We adopt this flag because it stands for a greater meaning than the racism that it has been for many, it stands for the sedition of all of those in this hardworking people in this country.  We,  who are simply fed up with the elected bourgeois, who live in gated communities, and trade our lives in the back rooms of a harlot’s bedchambers  (special interest groups).  Most of the violent crimes occur in the poorer quarters of our community.  That is because this is where the convicts go they when they are released from the prisons system.  Where people worry if they have enough money, to get through to the end of the month.  Where people don’t care about the Dow/Jones averages, or the Nikki Index.    The convicts blame society for  their incarceration, but the ones who had all to do with their detainment, sentencing, confinement, and parole/release.  All live in places immune to their influences.  There may not be a wall surrounding them, like you would find around an old Roman castle,  but the legions of centurions (policemen) living inside the wall,  is far more deterring than any wall of stone.  I was recalling to a gentleman the other day about coming home from the Boy’s Club in downtown one evening, I was six or seven and walked home with my older cousins,  because our car was picking up a relative at work.  The thing about being downtown,  was that it was across the railroad tracks.  Blacks were not encouraged to be “out of place” after dark.  As a kid, I could go anywhere, at any time of the night, all by myself,  as long as it was on the “right” side of the tracks.  We were about two miles from our homes, leaving from Central Boy’s Club. We  made it down as far  as three blocks from the border (the tracks).  Out of nowhere,  swooped two police cars and threw the lights on a gang of kids on a steady march back to (where we belong), east of the tracks.  The made us put our hands on the wall while the talked to us and frisk my older cousins.  They ask  who our folks were, and when we told them,  they acknowledged that they knew them by saying “Mary Alice and Mildred’s boys, you know,  down there on Maple Street….. that troublesome  Charlie Burnett’s folks!”  They let us go with a word of caution not to be downtown after the dark.  In other more vulgar words, “Boys don’t let the sun set on your Black ass!”  The new elite is more politically correct, and far less obvious.  They don’t let the color of your skin be the marker for being out of place, they can tell if you belong inside the palace by your credit rating.  But unlike in the past, when they would take you out of some desolate road and beat the snot out of you,  they take you to jail on charge like suspicion,  and have your car towed. It maybe better than an ass whipping, but it is a lot more painful.  The more things change…………

But it is not about Black and White, it is about discontent.  Discontent at all of the bullshit that been tossed all over us.  We are working harder than ever and doing with less and less, but the elite continue to get fatter and richer. The continue to support and feed the deadweight of our society, on both ends of our economic system.  To clarify the previous statement, I mean to point out those receiving government subsidies such energy, oil, and farm  subsidies.  On the other end of the spectrum we have food and housing subsidies.  My family raised me with the with the old axiom of “if a man does not work, he does not eat.”  Something this country has seemed to forget.  Now, I don’t advocate starving the poor, but I think we as a people have given them far to much.  All the will to get out and earn a living is gone, but why should they work for a living, when our government is giving food and housing away? The U.S. government gives oil, gas and coal companies money to produce less energy, to keep the prices up.  The same with farmers, and dairy men.  In the 1980’s they were dumping a million gallons a day into the ocean.  Creating a shortage to keep the prices up.  But you might say “why not give the milk to countries with staving children that we see over the television?”  If they had any money, then they wouldn’t be starving.  How do you like that logic?

I work part-time in an convenience store. I see many young people come in and shop with their EBT cards.  Most of them healthier than me.  They filled the counter with junk food, and toss their welfare card across the counter, as if they were tossing a gold coin, to a baggage handler or a bellhop.  They then cover the pin pad as if the were protecting a government secret.  After they have been approved, the ask me to ring up their beer and cigars and pay with a stack of money.  All during the week, they come in to buy one cigar, and always short with the 7 cents tax.
 How can it be justified be justified, they are always at the store, so they have no job.  But all of their needs are met, without lifting a finger?


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