As the Ghetto Turns Ep.8 “Them Poverty Pimps”

©2013 volcanosunsetpress

It has been said that “pimping ain’t easy”,  but that statement does not include the Black America’s poverty pimps.  Now I’m sure that many of you have never heard of a poverty pimp, and don’t know who and what they are. As you might know that a pimp administrates over prostitutes.  Directing when and where to sell their bodies for the gain of the pimp. The pimp sets the financial goals and keeps them in line. Their mantra was always been “Bitch better have my money!” A poverty pimp functions in the same way, but instead of pimping whores, they pimp poor people.  In my day, there have been many of these so-called Black leaders that stand up for every racial issue that is brought across the media.  Discrimination, poverty, joblessness, profiling, etc.  The cameras flock to them to get their views on the current racial crisis.  Many times they go to the offending personality,  to receive the apology for Black America.  While it good that someone speaks of changing the racial climate in our country,  has anyone asked why do they run to them every time?  Who gave them the authority to speak for all of us?  The main media darlings are Reverend Al Sharpton and the Reverend Jesse Jackson. The Reverend Martin Luther King spoke of unity of all colors in America,  he never let himself be misguided by what was good for himself, being put ahead for the people’s needs. Though Sharpton and Jackson had made some gains in the fight for equality,  they seem to promote all their fights,  for their own personal and political gains.  I know a snake oil salesman when I see one.

Season 1 Episode 9   “The Poisonous Government Tit”                   Who’s idea was it to start giving out welfare?  It has become the final straw in the decimation of Black people.


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