Born into a World of Lies

I am not sure which lie was told to me first.  Only that I was very young when I became contaminated.  Adults shape the belief system and understanding of children, in all sorts of ways.   As I pen this, somewhere in this world there are millions of adults telling fresh lies to children.  Some of the lies that come to my immediate memory are:

America is a free country where all of it’s citizens are equal.  Children come from under a cabbage leaf,  Santa Claus, the police are your friends, be aware of strangers,  not your uncle or babysitter, money isn’t everything, the tooth fairy, there is only one true god watching over us from an endless sky, the love of money is the root of all evil…… and so on.  Being an African-American, I learned about the slavery and segregation issues far in advance of  preschool.  Yet I still believed that one day I could be President. (LOL)  I believed most of the tales throughout my young life.  Not the Santa Claus or the tooth fairy ones, but that the love of money is the root of all evil, and the free America tales.  I still remember the “No Blacks Allowed” and the “Coloreds” signage, and even though there may not be a readable sign, the atmosphere gave you the impression that you were not welcome in “their” place.  This did not go along with the teachings of a loving White Jesus.  The irony was that these same people went to church and prayed on Sunday, just like we did.  How could they be praying to the same god as me, and call me a Sambo or a jungle bunny in the same day. I was taught in school that the police are your friends, but I had been taught by my mother that excessive truth to the police, could be detrimental, because they didn’t have Black’s people interests in their heart.

cops Santa Savaoph-God-the-Father-1885-96-XX-Victor-Mikhailovich-Vasnetsov tooth_fairy_tumblr_lqjpztDMXU1qch7b8o1_1280Holy-Bible2cash money 2

I have also recently learned that there are people known as the elite, that continue to enslave us from their palatial abodes on high.  That all of the things that I was indoctrinated to wholly believe, were all lies. Yet in my heart of hearts, I still believe that there is a God, but not the one I was praying to.  In recent months, I’ve been made aware that this nation is no longer a Republic, but just another greedy corporation, that has sold me on the market, as chattel.  I must admit that before I was awaken, I was chattel.   Now that I am awake, and frustrated in my attempts to wake others.  I have come to grips with the fact that many of my friends and family will remain in a state of slumber.

This video woke me to a brave old world.  I pray it will do the same for you.


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