God: The Construct

He has the whole world in His Fumbling Hands.

He has the whole world in His Fumbling Hands.

Half a century’s long  quest, only to find nearing the end of my journey, that God is a man-made construct.  Like many of the things we see every day, such as cars, houses, our clothing, and furniture.   First of all I must explain the previous statement.  I was born into a Southern Baptist family, an arena of holy rollers, Bible thumpers, and Rapture advocates.  Any questions that I might have had, or any theories or thoughts spoken out loud,  that conflicted with the words of the Son of the Most High, “Jesus, the Great White Savior” was dealt with swiftly.  (Usually involving a leather belt, willow switch,  or razor strap.)  Over time, and more than a few ass whippings, I relented to accept Him as my Lord and Savior, because it was a battle that I would never win and I knew I would waste a vast amount of time and energy,  trying to change this paradigm. Recent events in my life, has re-awakened my quest for understanding of the world and it’s origins.  So within the confines of my  Stockholm Stressed mind, I found that I no longer had to fear the Wrath of the Congregation, or that of the world. Although,  they had indoctrinate me, to believe that God is in control of all things….. I began to question again,  if this were so,  He would have also condoned the actions of “evil” doers in this  over world of His,  by His silence or unconcerned inaction, in the wake of their unauthorized acts.  Can this be so?  I had wondered,  how could a good and loving God be tied to these kind of unrepentant action? A nursery rhyme type song that we were force to learn in Sunday school says “He got the world in his hand, he’s got the whole wide world, in his hands.”  This was exacerbated when I learn that the Sabbath was Saturday, and that the fourth of the Ten Commandments was to  ” remember the Sabbath and keep it holy”.   Needless to say that I no longer believe in this or any other like religion.  There are just too many unanswered questions and too much “just believe on blind faith” answers to validate my faith in any thing that they teach.  Then, there is this blatant overlook of simple basic logic,  oversight that would dismay any rational person.  I cite for example, where did Cain’s wife come from if Adam and Eve were the first man and woman?  Any other coupling would be incestuous, because he could only choose his kin to mate with.  It ignored the prior passages in Genesis, where the bible reads Let us make man in our own image, so He created them both male and female, and He commanded them , be fruitful and multiply and replenish the Earth.”  If you wished to get drummed out of the church, insist on saying that Adam was not the first man on Earth, but only the first and only man in the Garden of Eden.  They will quickly toss you out on your keister.

Next,  we then move along to the Tower of Babel,  where God supposedly confused the linguistics of the human race, because they refused to spread out over the Earth.  When a drought or famine would have accomplished the same thing, without confounding all language and causing thousands of years of confusion.  All you thought he was not a God of confusion?  There it is in the front of your holy book.  Babel means  confusion the Hebrew tongue.  Since He cause all of the confusion, and He is God, why is He not the God of Confusion.  There are numerous other stories in the bible that defy all logic and reason, such as the Great Flood.  In this teaching Noah supposedly built a large ship and gathered two of each animals onto it.  The problem comes in with the weight of the cargo. With two of each animal on board, (some animals,   such sheep and goats,  were brought on board in groups of fours or sevens).  The ship would have quickly sank even if the birds would have been kept flying the entire trip.  And what about the remnants of dinosaurs, of whom I was told that never existed.  I had been told that the bones of these great beast were placed here by the Devil to break our faith.  Many of those species,   were thought to be extinct, were later found alive in the after the global flood.  Maybe the”Great Flood” was not so great.  So if the entire world was inundated with water,   how did these non-swimming , and flightless, land-lubbing creatures survive this global extinction level event?  This, with many, many other inconsistencies made me realize that what they are teaching, is less about god, and more about justification of what man believes, and what money it can draw.  “God”, who was in my sleeping mind, the most powerful being in the universe,   was receiving an emergency downgrading, after my awakening.   He became for me, a human construct,  a belief conceived in the minds of men who were frightened by the dark,  and by the unknown. This fear became a good hustle for those with guile that were too aged, in-firmed or just too lazy to go out and hunt with the others for food, or to help gather the crops.  He says to them all” I must commute with the Maker of All things, and He will prepare me,  to help all of us to do His will and His wishes,  for we all have sinned.”   History is full of sages, fortune tellers and magician who commuted with the spirits.  The chiefs of these groups of gullible people,  allowed the priest to be amongst the people,  to help keep them in line, and allay their fears of the unknown.   And so…. religion was born.

If America began to tax them (religious organizations), like they tax all the people and businesses, we will see how they truly are.  We will find out if they truly trust in God, or if “In God we trust” is the true god that they worship.   Note: This sudden taxation of faith, cannot be modeled like the businesses considered “to big to fail” such as the big banks (thieves) and campaign funding big corporations (more thieves) who hold all their wealth in the Cayman Islands to prevent U.S. taxes on their money and have the audacity to borrow from our cash strapped government (more thieves, but elected ones). Putting the rest of us (the fleeced pheasants) further in debt.

  Still,   I don’t know where it all came from…… but I do know that some force, that I can only describe as a God made everything that I know,  I am  certain that the One that many of the religions around the world send their prayers to,  is not that divine creator.  Perhaps there is no good, or evil.  It is a matter of perspective.  How can God be God if he does not act godly?  So, what I see, is an impotent god construct, fashioned by a series of goldbrickers, to wrench 10 percent out of ignorant villagers. That is,  if He ever really existed in our reality,  at all.

 When thinking about my belief in God, and all the bullshit that surrounds religion, I am reminded of a scene from “Law and Order” with A.D.A Jack McCoy.  McCoy tells of visiting a friend at a hospice, and his older friend recalls his time in Vietnam.  As he lies on his deathbed, he denounces his belief in God, because of all he’s been through that brought him to his early grave.  But just before he dies, he says “God forgive me if I am wrong.”  His statement allays my feelings as well.

“God forgive me if I am wrong.”

Venger, formerly known as Volcano Sunset RIP Oct. 2, 2013


One thought on “God: The Construct

  1. Many of the people who have known me throughout my life will take offense to this post. But it is okay, you will get over it. To all those who have been named as Venger’s enemies, Beware, the gloves are off, and don’t let the gentle nature of my former self, lull you into a false sense of security. I bite, and I won’t let go until I draw blood.


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