Song of the Cicada the short story

On this trip “down home”, I met some new friends and one new enemy.  The first new friend was Benny Roy,  though I couldn’t truly call him a friend,  because he was my third cousin.  But he was the first kid I met when we got to the bus station in Clarksdale Mississippi.  We arrived about 10 o’clock am and it was already 90 degrees. I knew immediately that this place was not where penguins and polar bears lived.  The heat was stifling.  Another thing that I would have to get used to was the lack of tall buildings, and concrete.  The bus station itself look like it was left over from World War 2, and there where no cabs or city buses that I could see. Benny Roy arrived with his Dad, in a 1963 Chevy station wagon.  “Atlene! Atlene! came a booming voice from the stationwagon. Mom moved forward toward the darkest colored man I’d ever seen.  We all stood there while Mom hugged this big black bear of a man.

When their embrace broke, Mom turned and said ” Come and meet your cousin Lucious Ray!” As I stood before this  huge black man in bluejean coveralls,, I felt a toddler.  Don’t get mey wrong, but I had seen dark complexion people, but cousin  Lucious was as black as a frying pan.

That evening just before the sunset, out in the piney woods, I heard a trilling sound, like some one operating a tiny little outboard motor. It was the oddest sound I’d ever heard.



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