The Eye of the Prophesy

depositphotos_2440446-USA-Shaped-FlagMany people are talking about what’s going on in the country, and speculating about which book and chapter we are approaching in the Bible. Some say we are in Ezekiel, some say we are in Revelations.  There are still others that believe that the Bible is just a book of stories  made up by shaman to control the thoughts of lesser men.  But what cannot be denied is that religious belief and lemming thinking is being used to set us against one another.  For whose gain. I don’t know.  We seemed to have reached an impasse in our relationship with each other,  and we now argue over incidental things.  Which bathroom should a body use?  A man says, “there a woman inside my body, but she a lesbian!”  We also have protest marchers, snipers targeting police for suspected brutality, a mythical group called “Isis”committing terrible acts in the name of Allah. The Israelis detonated a nuclear bomb in Yemen.   Trump wants to be President,  so he can build a wall between the US and Mexico, and vet all immigrates coming predominantly Muslim countries, (I think its called xenophobia). Clinton wants to be President with her Benghazi and Emails skeletons falling out of her closet. On social media, someone makes a post, encouraging others to mow down protesters that block the public way and many people “like” the post. When a man actually carries the deed out , albeit in Nice France,  we are alarmed the a person could do such a terrible thing. It has been rumored that shadow elements of our own governments, are at the heart of these tragic events.  The imminent dollar collapse and the artificial racial animosity being fulminated by the media,  has turned what was a peaceful republic, into a smoking hotbed of strife.

I do not know for certain where we might be according to biblical scriptures, but I do know that we are in the eye of the storm. This age has been spoken of for centuries by many prophets,mediums  and other seers.  Where we stand now, is the eye of the Prophesy.


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