“AS THE GHETTO TURNS” ep.8 “That Jiggaboo’s Administration”

Season 1    Episode 8  —“That Jiggaboo’s Administration ”

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For the first time we have a President that shows his true “Blackness” through his genes.  And many Americans hates him for it.  Does Bill Cosby and Barack Obama look-alike to them?  (You know they all look-alike)  The country was in the worst shape it has ever been,  a war on two fronts, and we were facing a financial collapse of unseen proportions. After Bloody George’s 8 years, we could have elected a dog catcher and improved our disposition.  However, we elected an honorable man.  He has been as diligent as many other Presidents have in trying to manage this country.  But we tend to forget that the United States looked like this when Obama took over:

Yet now its seem the “We the People” want to blame the current problems facing the country on that Zebra (that half black and have white Tar baby and his Ghetto Administration.  Never mind what the previous tenant of the Oval Office did to America,  never mind the broken windows left in the U.S. economy by monster American corporations with off-shore assets. (They don’t pay taxes on that money you know!)  Never mind the expense of a Two-Facet Wars fought on fictitious terrorism.  Yes,  I believe that the events of September 11 occurred,  But what I don’t believe is that our intelligence agencies dropped the ball and cause us to fumble and lose the game on that big of a scale.  We are not that inept!  If Osama Bin laden was such a  terrorists, then what was he doing hanging out in the U.N.? (The world headquarters are in New York you know!) Was he having tea?  Maybe someone financed his acts of terrorism.  Maybe someone in our government,  were the financiers of this scheme, maybe some defense contractors stood to make trillions of dollars off of our fears?  But just like the question of how many licks  does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop,  the world may never know…..

Anyway getting back to that Jiggaboo’s Administration open shenanigans in the formerly White House.  I’m sick of listening to a bunch of whining about Barack Obama as President of the United States.  The election is over, that damn “coon” won again.  I am and have always been a Republican since Ronald Reagan,  but I could not vote for a buffoon like Romney.  Even he didn’t believe the lies that came out of his own mouth.  So Republican Party,  If you want your candidate in office in 2016,  put somebody that will stand with what he believes, even if it is UNPOPULAR!  And stop blaming the other side when we have a problem, let’s just go back to work and get it solved.  Because really, do you think that America doesn’t know that all political parties are on the same side?  Politicians are All on the politician’s side!  We have seen you high-five each other after each election, saying to each other “we put another one over them again”, referring to the one the people thought they elected.  Both sides are bleeding our pockets!  When have you all voted to take a pay cut,  to help cut down the Federal deficit?  Uh Huh.  I thought so.

P.S. We know that some of you still call us racial slurs when we are not in earshot,  it’s okay because we still call you racial slurs in our little circles too!  It’s going to take a few more decades of misery from the Powers that Be, for all of us to get over that.  We can start by ganging up on those that have been pulling our strings for a thousand or so years!  If you are out there we will find you,  soon.  Ollie Ollie oxen  free!!!

Next time on “As the Ghetto Turns

Episode 9  Slavery….. It wasn’t really so bad.  (This episode will be moderated by Cantankerous Poppa Willie)


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