“AS THE GHETTO TURNS” episode 4 “The White Man’s Ice is Colder”



Season 1    Episode 4 —–“The White Man’s Ice is Colder”

©2013 volcanosunsetpress

There is a myth in the Black community, or more accurately,  an unspoken truth in the minds of  Black business owners that African Americans will not patronize their establishments when the could drive two miles to buy at a non-minority store.  I have looked in American cities with a predominantly African American population and I’ve observed that most of these cities have a low number of Black owned businesses.  Being a child of the sixties I can recall the segregation practices that forced minorities to buy most of their goods from other blacks.  Now they can buy where they want, but observe the attitudes when they go into an Asian owned store.  They think that everything should be in their favor, and that the owners should go back to their “Country” and open a store there.  If you live like the people in the video below, would you want to go back?  By the way, the have factory fires that kill hundreds of people, because they are locked in after they come to work.   If these customers don’t like the store they are shopping in, then they should go spend their money elsewhere.  You don’t have to buy there, and even better, go open your own store!

If I were a Black business owner, I would probably hire Asians/Indians to run my stores, because it seems they are the only ones who are willing to serve “these” people.  As a Black man, I loathe to see certain people come into a store, namely the ignorant types.  You know who I am talking about, the ones that are always found by a new  reporter to do the interview,  about trouble in the neighborhood.I had some friends in college from Nigeria, we were at an off campus function.  Sharif asked me why I’m not like the others from the U.S.?  Not knowing what he meant,  I said what others?  He said that the Blacks over her are not African,  he said the are called “cotton pickers” when mentioned around other Africans.  He said that most Black American have “chained thoughts” and really have no identity beyond the neighborhood or city where they live. They think like slaves.  Somehow he thinks that I was different.  I don’t know if Black people are aware,  of the slums that many people that work in these stores come from, they came from far worse conditions than any Americans have lived in.



Angry Blacks enter these stores, and attempt to vent their frustration out on these store clerks.  Chances are good that the clerk is not the owner, but people who have lived the lives of those seen in the video above.  Most owners,  are the well to do Doctors that you’ve been running to!  Many of the new owners are escaping poverty that none of us have ever experienced. And had to fight to get here.



People without self-control, or the sense to stay out of the store, if they have no money.  My folks taught me to never go into a store with no money, it will cause you to steal.



Then there are the protests,  when a fool goes and assaults a clerk and gets shot!  I bet the gun surprised him! Ali Mohamed was packing!  Don’t start trouble where there could be guns present.



Finally you have the customer who thinks he can cuss out a clerk, and not have the clerk cuss him back!   All of his intellectual worth, destroyed by a few cuss words, and a loud or (Nigga’) tone.

Many Blacks believe that they should not spend their dollars at Black owned stores because they will always get less value for their money.  If you want your car fixed right, take it to the White man.  Them Black shade-tree mechanics will mess up your ride!  Black people would say.  I have heard incidents of Blacks driving thirty miles past a Black dealership to pay more for a car at a White dealership. I buy my ice here because it colder,  than down there where those Blacks have that store! In other words “THE WHITE MAN’S ICE IS COLDER”  (think about that)

But  I say to those reading this article, that this kind of thinking chops off Kunte Kinte’s foot all over again, because every dollar that goes out of  Black hands does not come back.  As a people we need to step up and buy our own self worth back. By investing our dollars in people that look like us.  We could reduce Black unemployment by regaining the flow of Black dollars.  We should imagine that “Jim Crow” is still in affect,  and act accordingly with our spending habits.  As a closing statement, I heard a Black man say that he didn’t want a Black mechanic to fix his car, so he took it over to a White shop, who in turn back it to my uncle’s (Black) shop and had it repaired and charged the man double priced.  He pulled into our service station and showed us how well it runs, we never told him that we were the ones who had repaired it!

5   A Hood Rat”s Jackpot: CHILD SUPPORT


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