Sunday Mornings

The meaning of Sunday morning has changed for me, as I no longer follow the Christian teaching that had been instilled in me for fifty-one years.  I used to rise on the Protestant Sabbath day, and make preparations to go and worship God.  The change in belief is directly connected to the loss of my son in an incident previously mentioned in an earlier blog.  Many of my Christian friends say that I shouldn’t blame “god” for the actions of man.  I inform them that I don’t blame god for what happened, I simply state that I no longer believe in god the way that they preach and teach about god.  The very next thing that comes out their mouths is that I am falling for a trick from the devil and that I am allowing the devil to separate my me from my lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  I wonder if these people ever really think about what they are saying, or are they simply following the dogma that has been taught to all followers of religion. I do not wish for these folks to attempt to psycho-analyze me as to what is going through my mind, even if they are giving out sound advice on how I should handle how I feel. Most of these people who are doing all this advising and praying for me, are quite frankly beneath my intellect.  It is like taking financial advice from a homeless drunk.  There may be a day that I might return to their midst, but until that day, it is my desire that they keep their beliefs to themselves. I no longer share their views regarding our creator, and I hope that they will respect my views on how I see things now in my awakened state.


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